¤Two female Drug Paddlers Arrested by Anti Narcotic Cell Worli Unit, 10 kg Drugs seized¤

ANC Worli unit under the supervision of PI Ninad Sawant was on patrolling duty bin the jurisdiction of Worli unit for drug peddlers and suppliers and was conducting checks at various spots including outstation bus stops. Another unit was patrolling near Worli seaface area. API Marathe spotted some suspicious activities near Sulabh Shauchalay, Worli Seaface, Worli Dairy A.G. Khan Road, Mumbai. The women were questioned and subsequently put under arrest for possession of narcotic drug- *Ganja*. *1)Lata Sonuramchandra Chaure, age 43 Yrs., Occ.- Maid, Add-: Valmiki Nagar,near Sailanibaba Chowk,Panchvati, Nashik,Maharashtra* [(1) Drug seized : 10 kilo gms Ganja worth Rs. 2,00,000/- (2)Cash ₹ 900/-] *2)Rani Shankar Barsaiyya, Age-56 yrs.,Occ.-Housewife, Add. Mahatma Phule Nagar, Madraswadi, Worli Dairy, Mumbai* [(1) Drug seized : 05 kilo gms Ganja worth Rs. 1,00,000/- (2)Cash ₹ 200/- *A Chance Possession case is been registered vide C. R. No. 36/2018 U/sec 8(c) r /w 20, 29 NDPS Act 1985* *Drug seized : 15 kilo gms Ganja worth Rs. 3,00,000/-* News Input by : DCP Shivdeep. Representationl Image courtesy by Google. *HIND BRIGADE NEW'S*

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